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David A. Salem



General Counsel


EQ Risk Management Consulting

Clients include:
Portfolio Managers
Institutional Traders
Risk Managers
Corporate Officers
Regional and International Banks
Hedge Funds
Mutual Funds
Investment Advisors
Professional Traders

EQ Risk Management Consulting is an advisory firm which specializes in assisting clients with trading, hedging and investing strategy and provides a professional partner to enhance clients’ ability to identify, quantify and manage financial market risks.

The firm has specific expertise in:
  • All aspects of derivatives pricing, modeling, trading, hedging, skew and volatility surface mapping and risk management, especially in the areas of trading volatility/using volatility as a portfolio hedge and selling covered calls against an equity portfolio
  • Identifying and quantifying trading/investing opportunities in most financial market instruments for nearly any desired timeframe using its’ proprietary EQuilibrium Distribution TechnologyTM
  • Using Volatility as a hedge vs. long equity exposure, specifically through VIX futures and options
  • Legal and Compliance Risk Management
  • Working with financial and software engineers at large institutions to implement the modeling capabilities that traders/market-makers need to manage their respective volatility surfaces and risks more effectively
  • Assisting businesses with multi-national revenue streams with managing and hedging currency risks
The competitive advantage of the firm is our experience in managing complex derivatives and financial market risk through the dynamic environment of the last 20+ years, from the strong bull market of 1995-2000 through the multiple busts and booms of 2000-present.
EQ Risk Management Consulting can offer the tools and techniques which were used to successfully manage an S&P 500 index-arbitrage market-making portfolio with notional value over $1 billion during those periods, allowing clients an unparalleled strategic partner to assist them in managing financial market and derivatives risks.
The firm also advises Portfolio Managers on risk management, selling covered calls and portfolio analytics/construction.  
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