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Whether you're a Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund, Day Trader,  Market-Maker, Corporate Officer or Institutional Trading Desk you can benefit from our over 20 years of professional index option market-making experience managing volatility, options, futures and complex financial market risks

EQ Risk Management


We can give a complimentary review of your operations and identify areas for enhancement in relation to any of the following:


  • ​Derivatives Modeling, Theoretical Pricing and Risk Management

  • Legal and Compliance Risk Management

  • Covered-call selling vs an Equity Portfolio

  • Business risks such as interest rate, commodity and currency exposures that can be hedged through financal markets

EQ Risk Management Research


  • Proprietary Volatility Analysis to determine foward-looking implied probability distribution of any financial market asset for any time frame



  • Customized for each client



  • A cutting-edge quantitative tool to assist in selling covered calls versus equity portfolios more efficiently


  • Make buy/sell/hedging decisions on equities, interest rates, commodities and currencies more efficiently by seeing where an asset's volatility is implying it could go over the desired time frame




EQ Analysis




  • Daily futures strategy publication with analysis for the 1-2 day time frame


​Futures markets covered include:


e-mini S&P 500 Index

Nasdaq 100 Index Futures

DJIA Futures

Russell 2000 Futures

Crude Oil Futures

Gold Futures

Corn Futures

CBOE VIX Volatility Futures

USD/JPY Futures

USD/Euro Futures 


  • Subscriptions as low as $5/trading day


Contact Us


      EQ Risk Management Consulting                    312 Plum St. -  Suite 875 - Cincinnati, OH 45202                                     (513) 941-3887

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